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Lives are quite literally on the line when you’re up against extreme cold. Whether you’re working in a freezer, on a loading dock, clearing a runway or climbing a tower, cold kills productivity and it puts your employees at greater risk for accidents and injuries on the job. Rely on RefrigiWear to have the gear you need to get the job done in complete warmth, comfort and safety.

Indoor Workwear & Freezer Gear

Processing produce, packing meats and handling biopharmaceuticals at subzero temperatures is critical for global health and safety. Workers on the front lines need serious protection from cold stress, frostbite, hypothermia and other cold-related injuries on the job. RefrigiWear delivers the protective apparel your employees need to stay alert and productive, including performance gloves with impact protection, non-slip boots designed for traction on frozen concrete floors, plus pants, base layers, and thermal headwear to guard against the cold.

Outdoor Workwear

Working outside in winter’s worst weather takes a special kind of commitment to getting the job done. But gear that keeps you the warmest isn’t always the best for work. That’s why RefrigiWear offers a full line of protective, warm gear: insulated jackets, bib overalls and coveralls; gloves that protect against cold and impact while maintaining dexterity; work boots that keep you comfortable on your feet all day; and moisture wicking base layers. We also offer headwear, safety glasses and high-visibility gear you can trust for warmth, comfort and durability.