Cut Resistant

Cut Resistant


RefrigiWear delivers several insulated cut resistant gloves so you can safely use knives, box cutters and other sharp tools with confidence and safety.

How Are Cut Resistant Gloves Rated?

Cut resistant work gloves from RefrigiWear are rated by ASTM ANSI cut resistance levels. Cut resistance level, rated A1 through A9, is determined by how much weight is required for a straight blade to cut through the material. The more weight it takes, the higher the rating.

Light cut hazards are rated A3 and are best suited to assembly, packaging and general warehouse work. Medium cut hazards are rated A4 and work best for canning and food preparation. Medium to heavy cut hazards are rated A5 and offer protection for metal fabrication, heavy food preparation and heavy-use packaging or warehouse work.

The highest cut hazards are rated A6 and deliver high-grade protection for metal stamping and recycling, pulp and paper (changing blades), glass manufacturing, recycling plant and sorting and meat processing.

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