Proposition 65 Statement


What is California Proposition 65?

California Proposition 65 is a law that exists only in the state of California that requires manufacturers and businesses to identify any potentially harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing or production of their products. There are over 800 chemicals the state of California considers to be harmful. The state has identified their own measurements for how much of these chemicals can be present before they are considered harmful.

Why is there a warning label on my products?

California has their own standards as to how many parts per million a product can contain of any one of over 800 chemicals before it is considered harmful. The state of California classifies chemicals as being harmful for either cancer or birth defects. If a manufacturer or business has a product that contains one of these 800 chemicals in quantities above the standard California sets, then they are legally bound to notify the consumer by labeling the products, and other means.

What is RefrigiWear’s Policy towards California Proposition 65?

As a safety garment and accessory manufacturer RefrigiWear cares deeply about the safety and health of the people using our products. We have decided as a company to go through the extremely extensive process of risk assessing and chemical testing all potential hazards across our entire catalog of products and the components that comprise those products. If we identify a product that may contain these chemicals, regardless if it exceeds the allowable amount for the state of California we label our products and warn our customers accordingly. In some instances we have removed or changed components from products all together if we were concerned about the safety and well-being of our customers. Further, while this technically only applies to citizens of the state of California, we have been applying the Proposition 65 labeling and notification requirements to ALL of our customers around the world.