Leather is a classic, whether it’s your favorite motorcycle jacket or your most reliable pair of freezer gloves. You can count on leather cold weather gloves for durability that will last season after season and only get more comfortable as time goes by.

Leather Mittens and Gloves for Ultimate Flexibility

One of the biggest reasons to choose leather for your cold weather work gear is flexibility. Eve at subzero temperatures, leather stays flexible and allows for a strong grip. If your job requires high dexterity and handling tools, then leather gloves might be the best choice.

Durable and Warm Cold Storage Work Gloves

Folks who know freezer workwear know that sometimes leather work gloves aren’t enough by themselves. That’s when you go for the glove liners to give you an extra layer of protection from the cold. While cold storage gear has always included leather among the most popular materials, you can also take a look at performance gloves made of synthetic materials developed especially to insulate from the cold and that have features like touchscreen compatibility. Our long history of producing durable cold storage gear means we understand your challenges and help you meet them head-on.

Check Out More Cold Weather Work Gloves

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