Sweats & Fleece

Sweats & Fleece


It takes a special kind of person to choose to work in freezing temps or bad weather. You don't shy away from the work and conditions that make others run the other direction. You're an unsung hero. That's why we make RefrigiWear sweatshirts and fleece extra tough. So they can stand up to the long shifts and tough conditions that you choose to spend your days in. From packing product and processing meat to feeding animals and handling ranch duties, our sweatshirts and fleece are perfect for whatever your day requires.

Warm, Not Wimpy

These aren't your everyday sweatshirts. They are warmer, stronger, and better for work than a hoodie off the rack at your local superstore. Wear alone or pair with bibs or a jacket, they work great as both an outer layer and a mid-layer. Women's Fleece and Sweatshirts from RefrigiWear keep you protected on the job - whatever that might be.

Layers of Warmth for Women