Insulated Vests for Men

Fight off the cold by keeping your core protected. When your temperature drops, your body focuses on protecting your vital organs - drawing blood away from your extremities. The warmer your core is, the warmer the rest of you is. When you don't need total coverage, but still need to keep your body temperature up, reach for an insulated vest from RefrigiWear.

Lightweight vs. Insulated Vests

With a range of comfort ratings and styles, RefrigiWear has what you need to stay protected and finish the job. Whether you choose the safety and dual-functionality of our lightweight Reversible HiVis Softshell Vest or the lasting -50°F protection of the extra tough Iron-Tuff® Vest, you'll know you have what you need to fight the cold.

Hoodies & Vests for Work

Vests are a great way to add warmth without overheating and keep a full range of motion for your arms. Pair your vest with one of our premium insulated sweatshirts for total complete upper-body protection from the cold.

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