EnduraQuilt™ Insulated Puffer Jackets for Men

When you stroll on the jobsite wearing an EnduraQuilt™ jacket, every head will turn and they’re all gonna say “there goes one tough motherpuffer.”

Street Style Meets Industrial Strength

Puffer jackets are popular for a reason. They’re warm, they’re comfortable and they look dang good. But, box store puffer jackets are often made with wimpy outer fabrics that snag, rip or stain too easily to be worn at work.

EnduraQuilt™puffer jackets, chore coats and barn jackets are tougher than the average puffer. Built with trademark RefrigiWear warmth and durability, EnduraQuilt™ puffer jackets have strong outer layers that stand up to the demands of your job without snagging, ripping or wearing down. RefrigiWear’s industrial-strength insulation means that you can stay warm in the coldest conditions, without adding bulk that gets in your way at work. And, EnduraQuilt™jackets make you look so good that you can go straight from work to a night on the town without stopping to swap your jacket.

More Industrial-Strength Puffer Jackets

You don’t have to sacrifice style to get the job done. Get yourself an industrial-strength EnduraQuilt™ puffer jacket and get to work.