Don’t let your hard work go unseen. When your job combines the discomfort of low temperatures with the dangers of high-traffic and low-visibility conditions, you need the best high visibility work jackets to help you stay seen, stay warm and get home safe.

ANSI Construction Jackets for Men

Your job is stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to second-guess the safety and durability of your cold weather work gear. High visibility construction jackets and winter work coats from RefrigiWear are built to meet standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA), so you can meet the visibility and safety requirements of your job without sacrificing comfort, flexibility or warmth. We offer winter work jackets for men that meet ANSI Type O and ANSI Type R standards, as well as CSA standards for X-back patterns in reflective tape. Shop the full collection of high visibility workwear for cold weather.

HiVis Work Coats for Men

Don't need the full high-visibility gear, but still want some added safety and warmth on the job? Enhanced visibility work coats and construction jackets from RefrigiWear give you the added safety of a touch reflectivity and brighter colors. Enhanced visibility is available on such cold weather work gear as our Enhanced Visibility Insulated Softshell Jacket and Bib Overalls, the lightweight Enhanced Visibility Quilted Jacket and the multi-functional HiVis 3-in-1 Rainwear Jacket.

More High-Visibility Workwear for Men

When you work a dangerous job, you need to stay safe your entire shift so you can finish the job and get back to what really matters. Don't add to the stress of the job by worrying about safety. Know you are protected when you choose high visibility cold weather clothing from RefrigiWear.