Thermal Boot Socks for Extreme Cold

Moisture-wicking socks are a game changer for anyone wearing work boots during a long shift. Good thermal boot socks keep your feet warm and dry, prevent painful blisters and control foot odor. The best thermal socks will keep you comfortable on your feet, no matter how cold and wet conditions get.

Thermal Socks for Working in Freezers

When your “office” is always below zero, you need warm boot socks. Avoid cotton because it soaks up sweat and keeps it close to your feet, which can make you feel even colder. Thermal boot socks for people who work in freezers and refrigerated warehouses should contain a blend of wool, nylon, spandex, acrylic or even silk. These materials wick moisture away from the foot and maintain elasticity, so they won’t fall down on the job.

Warm Boot Socks for Winter

Cheap box-store socks are awful for folks who are on their feet all day in cold conditions. Avoid stinky feet and painful blisters by investing in a pair of quality thermal work socks. RefrigiWear makes the best thermal socks for extreme cold and they’re designed to last.

How to Find the Right Size Work Sock

Thermal work socks for men are sized according to your shoe size. People who wear men’s shoe sizes 7-10 should select size S/M. People who wear men’s shoe sizes 11-14 should select size L/XL thermal boot socks from RefrigiWear.

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