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As tough as it is iconic, Iron-Tuff® insulated workwear from RefrigiWear has become synonymous with warmth and durability for people working in harsh, cold conditions. And though the Iron-Tuff® collection of -50°F coveralls, jackets and overalls are still among our customers’ favorite gear, there are so many more collections that can offer the best gear for your specific working conditions.

Subzero Freezerwear

Some people run and hide from -60°F conditions. People who wear RefrigiWear just grin and get to work, because they’ve got the solid subzero protection of Extreme Collection workwear. For slightly less intense cold, RefrigiWear offers 54 Gold Collection for protection down to -54°F, PolarForce® Collection for protection down to -40°F, Freezer Edge® Collection for protection down to -30°F and Insulated Softshell Collection for protection down to -20°F. Whether you’re out on the frozen tundra of Alaska or rolling through the flash freezer, RefrigiWear has the right gear for you.

Lightweight Insulated Workwear

Working in temperatures above zero may not be as risky as subzero temperatures, but it’s still dang uncomfortable. Protect your team with lightweight gear that still packs a heavyweight punch against the cold. For example, Cooler Wear™ Collection offers protection down to 10°F, while the EnduraQuilt™ Collection offers water-repellent and wind-tight protection in milder temperatures from 20°F to 40°F.