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When you’re nose-to-nose with the coldest conditions, you need more than just warmth. You need gear that keeps the cold from creeping in, without feeling so bulky that you can’t move freely. You need cold weather gear from RefrigiWear that delivers uncompromising warmth, along advanced features that deliver unbeatable flexibility, dexterity and comfort.

Insulated Jackets, Overalls & Coveralls

You can trust RefrigiWear cold weather gear to always guard your back in the cold. With lightweight outershell materials that are wind-tight, water-repellent and durable, even against repeated abrasion and steady use, our gear stands up to the demand of you work. Thanks to innovations like AirBlaze®, an eco-friendly blend of lightweight insulation that is more than 40% warmer than traditional synthetic insulation, and Performance-Flex, an accordion-stretch fabric placed at elbows, knees and under arms to provide maximum range of motion, our gear will keep you warm without holding you back.

Insulated Boots, Gloves & Accessories

Jobs like yours don’t come with much downtime. RefrigiWear boots keep you on your feet through the longest shifts with lightweight composite safety toes and our exclusive 5-layer VitaComfort® system to wick away sweat and cushion the impact of every step. Our insulated work gloves offer helpful features such as cut resistance, reversible grip assistance, touchscreen fingertips and our patented Key-Rite and Touch-Rite Nibs to make it easier to use your keypads and devices without removing your gloves and risking frostbite in your fingers. We also deliver headwear and facemasks with moisture-wicking, antimicrobial materials.

Whatever kind of cold you’re facing, RefrigiWear has the gear that keeps you warm, safe and prepared to get the job done.