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Comfort Rating

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Every situation is different, and it can be difficult to decide what kind of cold weather gear you need. RefrigiWear uses Comfort Ratings to help you better understand how our winter workwear can be, so you can choose the level of warmth that’s right for you and your work.

Temperature-Rated Cold Weather Workwear

A comfort rating is a temperature or temperature range for which a particular piece of insulated workwear can be expected to protect the average worker. RefrigiWear insulated work clothes are rated from -60°F to 10°F, insulated work boots are rated from -60°F to 10°F and insulated gloves are rated from -30°F to 10°F.

Other Factors that Affect Comfort Ratings

We have many ways to determine what the comfort rating should be on a specific product from scientific testing to firsthand experience. Our product lines and insulation packages are temperature tested in a research facility, but we also visit customers to gain firsthand experience of how they're working in the cold. We take into account insulation level, activity level, personal health and metabolism, as well as environmental conditions to determine a comfort rating. We combine our scientific testing, on-the-ground experience and 70+ years of knowledge so customers can use our comfort ratings to quickly find the best cold weather workwear for their situation.