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70th Anniversary

Warm. Durable. Reliable.

Perfected over decades of design testing, this is our most popular gear for outworking the cold.


Tough, Time-Tested and Customer Approved

The premier products our customers can’t get enough of. The best of the best so you can Master the Cold®.


Breaking New Ground in Protective Gear

Designed for Performance. Designed for You.


Don't Let the Cold Tell You to Stay at Home

The warmest products we've ever created, Extreme is made for harsh conditions. You can handle the most extreme temperatures and conditions with RefrigiWear®.

54 Gold

Raising the Bar on Performance

It's the gold standard for warmth, comfort & getting the job done in the worst conditions.


Warm. Tough. Iconic.

With our iconic Iron-Tuff® line you can outlast the cold to get the job done.


Advanced Materials, Modern Thinking

Never compromise protection for performance. PolarForce® keeps you warm without hindering movement.


Waterproof and Extra Tough

Don't run for cover in cold, wet, tough conditions. ErgoForce® is all the protection you need.


Featuring AirBlaze® Insulation

Incredibly lightweight and 40% warmer than regular insulation.


Traditional Style Gets an Upgrade

Ditch the department store and get industrial strength warmth with traditional style.


Tough and Comfortable

As tough as you and the environment you work in, ComfortGuard™ keeps you warm and protected while you work.


Superior Functionality Comes Standard

Fight the cold with comfort and functionality. Up the stakes with ChillBreaker™.


Fight Off the Chill in Above-Zero Temps

AirBlaze®, abrasion-resistant panels & a quiet outershell team up to boost productivity & cut the chill.

Cooler Wear™

All the Essentials for Protection

Long-lasting, lightweight durability perfect for working in less frigid temperatures.

Freezer Edge®

Push Your Performance Over the Top

Freezer Edge® keeps you in action and won't fall apart after heavy use like other wannabe brands.


Durable Warmth, Lasting Style

Just because you're working doesn't mean you can't look good. Style, warmth and durability come standard.


Durable, Warm and Lightweight

Get the job done when you have the best of all worlds. Lightweight, durable protection at a great value.


Proven Tough

Where we began. With over 65 years of excellence in every garment.