Refrigiwear Family of Brands

Whether you need the largest selection of insulated PPE, lightweight and modern freezer wear or thermal workwear basics, the RefrigiWear family of brands delivers warmth and comfort for every cold environment.

  • Tough Workwear for Tough Workers

    From the highest quality and widest selection of warm safety apparel to our premium services and product innovations, RefrigiWear exceeds customer expectations for warmth, comfort and durability in extreme conditions.

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  • Insulated Workwear with European- Inspired Style

    Avaska delivers warm, modern freezer wear and insulated apparel that is lightweight, flexible and comfortable.

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  • Insulated Workwear Basics

    Samco provides freezer wear for customers who need basic insulated apparel & PPE to outfit their workforce.

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Brand Comparison:

Compare our expanded family of brands and find the right fit for you.

Price Premium Premium Value
Quality Finest Standard-Plus Basic
Selection 350+ 80+ 170+
Style Selection Mainstream & Modern Modern/European Basic
Warranty 5 Months 2 Months 30 Days
Highest Performance & Innovations
Custom Products Call for Quotes and Details
Full 5-Category Offering*

*Full category offerings are men’s/women’s garments, gloves, footwear, headwear and accessories including bags/blankets/pallet covers. Currently RefrigiWear is the only brand offering this full wide range of products.